No Teacher Left Behind - The Urgency Of Web 2.0

An online workshop by Graham Wegner.

The changing information landscape of the 21st Century demands that our students develop new skills of information literacy and become knowledge producers as an integral component of their learning. But what of the professionals charged with these students' education? Can they be convinced of the need for personal change to keep pace with their students' world? Are they even aware of the exponential changes taking place? How would they get started in their classrooms?

This online presentation will explore some of the barriers faced by educators seeking to improve and influence their colleagues’ perceptions of the internet, and Web 2.0 in particular, as a vehicle for learning. It will pull together various resources that could be useful as starting points for discussion and explore some of the concerns and trepidations of average teachers struggling already with a heavy workload. This presentation will use this wiki as its base and seek to leverage the online Conference participants to help create some possible answers and resources for those of us who recognize the need for our colleagues to be at our sides, providing best practice for our digital age students.

How This Presentation Works

This wiki houses my downloadable presentation that combines an image stack combined with my recorded audio, as well as summaries of my main points from this presentation.
There are links to explore from other educators, sites of interest and you are invited to add your collective opinions, knowledge and ideas to this wiki.

About Graham Wegner

I am an ICT Coordinator in a primary school in suburban Adelaide with a focus on inquiry based learning and interactive whiteboards. I see that information literacy and Web 2.0 technologies go hand in hand and will have a significant impact on my role. As well as working with students who are comfortable in the digital world, my role also involves helping my colleagues come on board with the effective use of technology for learning in the classroom.
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